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Dockside Cafe

Our Dockside Café offers you dining by the lake and features dinner specials every weekend. Join us for live music Tuesday and Friday nights, all summer long!


Music at The Landing

                      5:30-7:30 pm


Music at The Landing

Tuesday & Friday 5:30-7:30 pm


Fri—1 Opening Jam

Fri—8 Bob Schifo & Friends

Fri—15 Hoosier Daddy

Fri—22 Hot Iron String Band

Fri—29 Grass Roots Revival


Fri—6 Timber Train

Fri—13 Backyard BBQ Band

Fri—20 Strings Attached

Fri—27 Steve Rodman & Logan Kirby

Tues-31 June and Randy's Country


Fri—3 Mike Ellis Band

Tues-7 Black Ridge Road

Fri—10 Cornstalkers Cajun Trio

Tues-14 Dave Coleman & Friends

Fri—17 John McMahon & Friends

Tues-21 Marvin Lee Band

Fri—24 Mitchells Bluegrass and Gospel

Tues-28 Oakwood Boys


Fri----1 Riders of the Golden Maize

Tues -5 Bob Schifo & Friends

Fri—8 Joni Dreyer Trio

Tues-12 Marvin Lee Band

Fri—15 Yesterday's Country

Tues-19 Hoosier Daddy

Fri—22 Mackville

Tues-26 Oakwood Boys

Fri ---29 June and Randy's Country


Tues-2 Mike Ellis Band

Fri - 5 Mitchells Bluegrass and Gospel

Tues-9 Strings Attached

Fri - 12 Joni Dreyer Trio

Tues-16 John McMahon & Friends

Fri - 19 Riders of the Golden Maize

Tues-23 Bob Schifo & Friends

Fri - 26 Timber Train

Tues-30 Oakwood Boys


Fri - 2 Salt Fork Ramblers

Fri – 9 Steve Rodman Band

Fri - 16 Big Bluestem

Fri - 23 Grass Roots Revival

Fri – 30 Black Ridge Road


Fri - 7 The Young & The Fretless

Fri – 14 Strings Attached

Fri – 21 Dave Coleman & Friends

Fri –28 Closing Jam

This schedule is subject to change. (revised 3/16/16)


Bands at Kickapoo Park

Backyard BBQ Band – guitar, harmonica, banjo, bass, vocals

A mix of western swing, folk songs, blues, old country, and more

Big Bluestem – fiddles, guitar, bass, mandolin, vocals

Traditional fiddle music with Irish influence.

Black Ridge Road – banjo, guitar, dobro, mandolin, bass, vocals

Traditional bluegrass music

Bob Schifo and Friends– guitars, bass, and vocals

Variety of country and popular songs -with guest musicians/singers

Cornstalker Cajun Trio – Cajun button accordion, fiddle & guitar

The trio will play traditional Cajun and Creole music from southwest Louisiana including

foot-tapping (and dance ready) two-steps, graceful waltzes and soulful Creole songs.

Dave Coleman and Friends– guitar, dobro, fiddle, bass, and vocals

Traditional country and western songs sung by Cowboy Dave

Grass Roots Revival – banjo, guitar, autoharp, bass, vocals

Traditional bluegrass music, bluegrass gospel, and old time country.

Hoosier Daddy – guitar and vocals

Solo vocals & guitar - 50's-60's oldies variety and original music


Hot Iron String Band – banjo, mandolin, guitar, upright bass

Traditional hard driving bluegrass

John McMahon & Friends – guitars, vocals

Traditional country, acoustic folk-rock and a few surprises.

Joni Dryer Trio – guitars, harmonica, vocals, and classy tambourine

A great mix of Patsy Cline, Blues, Rock, and Soul

June & Randy's Country Band– guitars, bass, steel guitar, vocals

Old fashioned country music

Mackville – banjo, guitar, fiddle, mandolin, bass, vocals

Traditional bluegrass and gospel music from a family band

Marvin Lee Band – guitars, bass, percussion, and vocals

Good old popular songs and country songs sung by a local legend

Mike Ellis Band – guitars, bass, percussion, vocals

Upbeat classic country music

Mitchells Bluegrass and Gospel – guitars, dobro, bass, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, vocals

A 3-generation family bluegrass, traditional country, and gospel band

Oakwood Boys – guitar, dobro, keyboard, bass, and vocals

A mix of blues, original, and popular music

Riders of the Golden Maize – lead and rhythm guitars, keyboard, bass, drums, vocals

Americana music, classic country and rock add an eclectic mix of tunes with Latin, Blues,

and rock n roll influences.

Salt Fork Ramblers– guitars, pedal steel, mandolin, bass, mandolin and vocals

Marcus and Pennie sing country, bluegrass, and gospel music

Steve Rodman Band– guitar, bass, saxophone, keyboards, percussion, and vocals

Rock, Country, and Americana from John Denver, America, James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg

and more. steverodmanmusic.com

Strings Attached (Kickapoo Landing’s first band)– mandolin, guitar, bass, banjo, vocals

A mix of bluegrass, mountain gospel, old-time, other favorites, and bad jokes.

The Young and the Fretless – guitar, fiddle, banjo, bass, dulcimer, ukulele, vocals

Thumping banjo-fiddle tunes and classic country songs

Timber Train – acoustic guitar, ukulele, keyboard, light percussion, vocals

An eclectic array of easy listening popular songs, gospel, and old favorites blended with

3-part vocal harmony

Yesterday's Country – steel guitar, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, drums and fiddle

Older country music performed by band members from Hoopeston, Ridgefarm, and



This schedule is subject to change!

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