Happy Canoers
Happy Canoers Kickapoo Landing
in Kickapoo State Park
Oakwood, IL 217.446.8399

Canoe and Kayak Trips
Tube Trips
Paddling on Clear Lake
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Rates: Canoe, Kayak & Tube Rental

On the River:

13-Mile Run $42.00/canoe
$32.00/single kayak    

8-Mile Run $32.00/canoe    
$26.00/single kayak    

Lake-River Combo

$18.00/single kayak

Prices are for two people per canoe.
An additional person in a canoe is $7.00 (child only).

Group discounts for river trips (6 boats or more):
Sundays - 10% off
Weekdays - 20% off
Must have reservations and meet all requirements call (217) 446-8399 for information.


2-mile tube trip $6.00/person

Shuttles for personally owned canoes:

Per Boat* $19.00 for 13-mile run
$15.00 for 8-mile run

*when a shuttle is already scheduled

On the Lake:

Canoe/Double Kayak


Single Kayak



$6.00/half hour

Day Rates for Canoe or Kayak:

Half day (4 hours)


5 hours


Full day (6 + hours)



2 Days
(can include a shuttle)



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